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    Galling, or cold welding, is a form of severe adhesive wear. Although stainless steels show a tendency to gall under certain conditions, galling can occur with any material.

    This form of wear occurs as a result of excessive friction between two moving surfaces, which under particular conditions can disrupt the oxide layers and permit metal to metal contact.

    Severe galling can result in the parts becoming so seized that the parts act as if they have been welded together and are unable to be separated, hence the term ‘cold welding’.

    Any form of interference, debris or heat build-up can cause galling. The British Stainless Steel Association explains that the main factors affecting wear and galling are:

    • Design
    • Applied load
    • Contact area and degree of movement
    • Lubrication
    • Environment
    • Material Properties (surface finish, hardness and steel microstructure)

    How to prevent Galling?

    Slow down the installation speed

    The heat produced through friction is a contributing factor in galling. It is recommended to not use power tools for the installation of stainless steel.


    It is recommended to use a lubricant such as Tef-Gel to drastically reduce the chance of galling.

    Avoid damaged or dirty threads

    Check for damage to the threads of existing fittings. Any debris can also increase the chances of galling.

    Use Sta-Lok Supajust Turnbuckles
    These features permanently sealed threaded bronze inserts to ensure great levels of adjustment even under high load without the risk of seizing or galling.

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